Basic prices assume standard white 80gsm paper. Surcharge for other paper types are also shown.
YouTree offer a discount on printing and paper for bulk printing.
50-299 copies -5%; 300-999 copies -10%; 1000+ copies -20%

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7p A4 Black & White sIngle-sided
12p A4 Black & White double-sided
18p A4 Colour single-sided
34p A4 Colour double -sided
15p A3 Black & White single-sided
25p A3 Black & White double -sided
37p A3 Colour single-sided
69p A3 Colour double -sided

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Other services
Design and/or Proof Reading if required £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof
Laminating A3 £1.04; A4 68p; A5 59p
Stapled Set (single staple) 1p
Stapled Booklet or Set (double staple) 2p
Folding (1p per sheet)
Cutting (1p per cut per sheet)
Comb-bound folder (including front & back cover) £2.56
Mini Address Labels (per 63 – not uniform size) 86p (97p for colour)
Envelopes: C6 or DL 3p each; DL (window) 4p each; C5 (self-seal deteriotated) 5p each; C4 15p each.
Document Scanning (to customer’s own USB stick or to e-mail) 2p per scan.
Blank paper as above is also available for purchase by the sheet.
White 80gsm A4 – 2p; White 80gsm A3 – 5p – others with additional cost as stated

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Other A4 White paper types
Additional cost per sheet, single- or double-sided print
80gsm 4-hole prepunched: No surcharge
100gsm +2p
120gsm +2p
160gsm +5p
220gsm +12p
250gsm +19p
300gsm +21p
185gsm (4-Postcard micro-perforated) + £1
185gsm (10 -Business Card micro-perforated) + £1

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Other paper types
Additional cost per sheet, single- or double-sided print
A4 Coloured* 80gsm +2p
A4 Coloured* 160gsm +7p
A3 Yellow 80gsm +2p
A3 White 160gsm +12p
A4 Labels** +34p
A4 Photo Paper +17p
* Colours available: Pale Blue, Pale Green, Pale Yellow, Blue, Cream, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow.
** Label sizes available (number per A4 sheet): 4, 8, 16, 21, 24

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