How far do you want to go?

I will find all I can, within a reasonable timescale, on names, dates, occupations and places through internet-based research of records including censuses and BMD (Births, Marriages and Deaths) records. 

I will produce a report of my findings, also providing you with “GEDCOM” file of the information gathered.  This file is of an industry-standard format which can then be used by commercially-available family history software packages so that you can continue to research yourself, or produce a variety of reports of the information provided. 

I recommend “Family Historian“, which is the software I will use to produce the file and reports.

BASIC services (which can be ‘tailored to fit’)
Initial consultation and entry of provided information £20 per hour
Procurement of BMD certificates if needed to ensure accuracy at cost + 20%
8 Great-Grandparents – £50 (including siblings – £100)
16 Great-Great-Grandparents – £100 (including siblings – £200)
32 Great(x3)-Grandparents – £200 (including siblings – £300)
“All you can eat” – £500 (I’ll find all I can backwards and sideways – up to 30 hours work!)
I cannot guarantee to find everyone, but I’ll try!

To make best use of the time available, I will ask you to provide as much detail as you already know (or suspect) – and also to say whether you have particular areas of interest that you want me to be on the lookout for.  I am unlikely to exhaust all the information available in the time allocated so can “delve deeper” if requested [see below].

REFUND OPTION:  I don’t want to waste my time or your money!  If it becomes clear early on in the research that the information is just not there (for example, your family were immigrants from places where the details are not readily available – or they are all called “Smith” and lived somewhere in London), then I will stop and offer you what I have found together with a 50% refund.


Follow-up research is offered as follows:
Initial consultation and entry of provided information £20 per hour
Internet research: £20 per hour
London research: £250 [whole day including all costs + maximum 6 hours research at the London Metropolitan Archives]
Other Country Records Offices research:
Warwickshire £70 [half day], £130 [full day]
Other counties within 3 hours travel time of Kenilworth: £150 [full day] + TRAVEL COSTS (Car 45p/mile or Train & Taxi at cost]

Please note

I have limited time available to do research for “You Tree”.  Please accept my apologies if I have to decline or delay your research request.